What Dasmen Rewards is all about

We are offering fantastic benefits and prizes to our valued residents. This simple and efficient program offers exciting incentives for everyday tasks and activities which everyone already does! There are many different ways to earn Dasmen Rewards points during your daily routine. From paying your rent online to renewing your lease, you can constantly be accumulating additional points. You can even earn points for referring new residents to a DASMEN community! The more you earn, the more rewards you will be eligible to receive!

How To Earn

  • Refer your Friend to a Dasmen Community  35,000 Points
  • Refer your friends and family to a Dasmen community.
  • First Online Rental Payment 5,000 Points
  • Receive 5,000 points for your first online rent payment.
  • Move into a Dasmen Community 15,000 Points.
  • Receive 15,000 points when you move into any Dasmen site.
  • Renew Your Lease 20,000 Points
  • Sign your 12-month lease renewal with Dasmen.
  • Use Automatic Payments in AppRent 200 Points
  • Receive points for each payment made through “auto-pay.”
  • Pay Rent Online  500 Points
  • Earn points when you pay your rent online each month.
  • Zero balance bonus  50 Points
  • Make a payment via AppRent that reduces your balance to zero.
  • Pre-Pay Your Rent 5 Points
  • Receive points for paying your rent via AppRent before the due date.
  • Submit Work Orders 200 Points
  • Submit a maintenance request through AppRent. (Limit 3 Per Month)
  • Write a Positive Online Review  2,500 Points
  • Review a DASMEN property online and earn!
  • Get the Smart Apartment package  30,000 Points
  • Upgrade to a Smart Apartment and earn!


  • Stainless Steel Appliance Package150,000 Points Needed
  • This includes a Stainless Steel Refrigerator, Freezer, and Oven.
  • Vinyl Plank Flooring  160,000 Points Needed
  • Modern luxurious vinyl plank flooring installed throughout your unit.
  • New Carpet 100,000 Points Needed
  • Get new carpet installed in your apartment.
  • Carpet Cleaning 25,000 Points Needed
  • Have all the carpet in your apartment cleaned!
  • Carpet Treatment *Pet*75,000 Points Needed
  • Receive a special pet-treatment to the pet affected carpet.
  • New Light Fixture 10,000 Points Needed
  • Receive a new modern light fixture in your apartment.
  • New Ceiling Fan 20,000 Points Needed
  • Redeem this reward for a modern ceiling fan.
  • New Showerhead 7,500 Points Needed
  • Receive a new shower head in your apartment.
  • New Faux Wood Window Blinds 25,000 Points Needed
  • 2-inch, faux wood blinds for ALL the windows in your apartment.
  • Tile Backsplash 35,000 Points Needed
  • Redeem this for a tile backsplash in your kitchen.
  • Kitchen Faucet 10,500 Points Needed
  • Redeem this for a Modern Kitchen Faucet.
  • Resurfaced Countertop 85,000 Points Needed
  • Redeem this to receive resurfaced countertops for your kitchen.
  • White Wall Cabinet with Glass Door 30,000 points
  • Redeem this reward for a stunning white wall cabinet with glass door.
  • Chair Molding35,000 Points Needed
  • New luxurious chair moldings in your dining room.
  • Dasmen Installation Services20,000 Points Needed
  • Use our in-house installation team for all your needs. (per hour)
  • USB Outlets8,000 Points Needed
  • Redeem this prize for a USB outlet in your apartment.
  • Accent Wall Painting60,000 Points Needed
  • Get the accent wall the color of your choice!
  • Countertop Wine Fridge80,000 Points Needed
  • This is for the wine enthusiasts… No further explanation necessary!
  • Countertop Ice Maker80,000 Points Needed
  • Just plug it in and enjoy a fresh batch ice!
  • Amazon Fire Stick40,000 Points Needed
  • Get the Amazon Fire Stick to stream your favorite shows.
  • Amazon Kindle100,000 Points Needed
  • Modern e-reader featuring a touchscreen display and Wi-fi.
  • Amazon Fire Tablet47,000 Points Needed
  • Modern 8” tablet with an HD display and Alexa.
  • Amazon Echo Dot30,000 Points Needed
  • The Amazon Echo Dot can hear you from across the room!
  • 1 Week Vacation (Includes Flight)300,000 Points Needed
  • Whisk away to the state of your choice for one week.
  • 1-week Vacation (Hotel Only) 200,000 Points Needed
  • Choose the hotel of your choice with a $1,000 voucher.

Why use Dasmen Rewards?

Dasmen Rewards is an easy way to upgrade your apartment, get cool gadgets and even earn a vacation! Keep in mind that most of the different ways to earn points are things our DASMEN tenants do on a routine basis. We are always looking to offer unique programs and amenities to improve our residents experience at our DASMEN properties. Don’t hesitate to utilize AppRent to take a look at how many points you’ve earned. Feel free to ask your leasing agent about redeeming your points and begin taking advantage of Dasmen Rewards today!

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